Explore food pairings created to match the wines from our club offerings and Wine Shop. Each recipe pairing has been tested in the FOOD & WINE Test Kitchen.

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Perfect Pairing Rules

  1. Serve a dry rosé with hors d'oeuvres.
  2. Serve an unoaked white with anything you can squeeze a lemon or lime on.
  3. Try low-alcohol wines with spicy foods.
  4. Match rich red meats with tannic reds.
  5. With lighter meats, pair the wine with the sauce.
  6. Choose earthy wines with earthy foods.
  7. For desserts, go with a lighter wine.

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Mario Batali created this superthick, caper-studded version of a classic vinegary herb sauce to complement grilled steak.
Pipían is a sauce made from dried chiles, ground seeds and nuts. This one, with almond butter and anchos, is fabulous on steak.
Fort Worth chef Tim Love keeps bone-in rib eyes extra-juicy by searing them on the grill and letting them rest before finishing them.
This vegetarian sandwich is terrific warm, but for a shortcut, use jarred olive tapenade instead of homemade and serve cold.
Star chef Tom Colicchio grills this showstopping whole sea bass with Asian flavors like cilantro, lime and hot chile sauce.
On his first visit to Saigon, chef Luke Nguyen of Sydney’s Red Lantern loved this simple sandwich of peppery pork and hoisin sauce.
To keep halibut moist, chef Chris Cosentino of San Francisco’s Incanto sears it in cuminspiked brown butter.
The quick pan sauce for this simple fish dish has just a few ingredients, but is packed with amazing flavors.
A creamy, vivid parsley sauce is delicious with white fish like halibut.
Preheating the oven to 500° and then reducing the temperature to 375° yields a lamb that’s crusty on the outside and juicy within.
This flaky white fish is dressed up with zesty ingredients like lemon and fresh herbs.
Slow-roasting the pork shoulder for this sandwich is worth it: The herbs and garlic infuse the meat with incredible flavor.
Inspired by Peking duck, Italian vintner Piero Incisa della Rocchetta brushes this chicken with soy sauce and honey.
The flavors of lamb, herbs and Syrah have an incredible affinity for each other that’s showcased in this pairing.
Naturally tart tamarind keeps the honey-based barbecue sauce from becoming too sweet for the luscious, slow-cooked ribs.
This roast-deliciously crusted with horseradish and black peppercorns-is perfect hot out of the oven, but it's also amazing cold on a sandwich.
For this sweet and spicy chicken, Marcie Turney blends tamarind and other Indian flavors into her molasses barbecue sauce.
Using rotisserie chicken makes this dish supereasy; its curry-yogurt sauce gets a hit of flavor from store-bought mango chutney.
The best way to improve on a great grilled cheese is to sprinkle cheese on the outside of the bread, creating an incredible crust.
Double-cut chops are extra thick and juicy; brining them for a few hours helps season them.
Recipes 121 - 140 of 357
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