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Entertain with confidence with spectacular recipes and food pairings perfected in the FOOD & WINE Test Kitchen along with wine pairing tips.

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Perfect Pairing Rules

  1. Serve a dry rosé with hors d'oeuvres.
  2. Serve an unoaked white with anything you can squeeze a lemon or lime on.
  3. Try low-alcohol wines with spicy foods.
  4. Match rich red meats with tannic reds.
  5. With lighter meats, pair the wine with the sauce.
  6. Choose earthy wines with earthy foods.
  7. For desserts, go with a lighter wine.

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Toasting cubes of olive bread in the chicken pan juices turns them custardy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.
Chef Suzanne Goin’s sumptuous open-face sandwich combines frisée salad with melted cheese, prosciutto and an egg on top.
Lightly frying fresh broccoli in panko flakes gives this vegetable a fabulously light, crispy texture.
Loosely based on a dish from Copenhagen chef René Redzepi, of Noma, this warm salad gets dressed with a rich chicken jus.
Sara Vaughn thinly slices brussels sprouts and tosses them with pancetta and caramelized onions for a savory flatbread topping.
Hunting down guanciale for this Roman-style sauce is totally worth it: It gives this super-simple pasta dish incredible flavor.
The roasted peppers, cumin and pomegranate molasses in this pasta and clam dish give it a Middle Eastern accent.
Mario Batali makes this meaty, slightly creamy ragù from ground beef, pancetta and ham, and uses tomato paste instead of canned tomatoes.
Based on a recipe from Alain Ducasse, these seared rib eyes are crusty outside and richly flavored with butter, thyme and garlic.
In this luscious brunch recipe, chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall layers baguette and lump crabmeat, then pours custard on top.
Beef jerky is a clever approximation for carne seca, the dried beef in feijoada, Brazil’s dish of stewed, smoked meats and black beans.
This take on the French classic features white beans, duck confit, sausage and bacon. Resting the beans overnight develops their flavors.
This luscious roast chicken is weighted down and cooked in a cast-iron skillet so the skin is extra-crispy.
Chef Laurent Tourondel brushes burgers with butter while they grill. The natural sugars in the butter caramelize, adding rich flavor.
Umami Burger’s Adam Fleischman creates these slider-style beef patties by f lattening balls of ground meat on the griddle.
The bold flavors in the Château de Gourgazaud red make a fantastic match with these juicy, cheese-stuffed burgers.
Breakfast sausage and cherries mixed into ground pork create an intensely flavorful and juicy meat loaf that’s a cinch to prepare.
The chopped fresh herbs in the biscuits that top this comforting chicken stew add another layer of flavor to the dish.
Veronica Salazar of El Huarache Loco in San Francisco bumps up the flavor of this fajita-like alambre with chorizo and bacon.
Cookbook author Melissa Clark’s version of this mustardy chicken stew—made with only drumsticks—is thickened with crème fraîche.
Recipes 41 - 60 of 423
PREV Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... NEXT