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Entertain with confidence with spectacular recipes and food pairings perfected in the FOOD & WINE Test Kitchen along with wine pairing tips.

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Perfect Pairing Rules

  1. Serve a dry rosé with hors d'oeuvres.
  2. Serve an unoaked white with anything you can squeeze a lemon or lime on.
  3. Try low-alcohol wines with spicy foods.
  4. Match rich red meats with tannic reds.
  5. With lighter meats, pair the wine with the sauce.
  6. Choose earthy wines with earthy foods.
  7. For desserts, go with a lighter wine.

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This rich, wintery braise gets its intensity from hours of hands-off simmering and is fantastic over polenta or pasta.
Chef Jonathan Waxman’s fantastic beef tenderloin Stroganoff is enriched with créme fraîche and dotted with sautéed mushrooms.
A dead-simple gratin of nutty celery root soaks up a rich pan sauce and makes a terrific change from the usual steak-and-potatoes.
Despite the spicy intensity of the homemade barbecue sauce, the pork and beer flavors here come straight through.
Browning the meat first, then slowly braising it in an herb-infused amber ale, results in a meltingly tender roast fragrant with thyme, parsley and bay leaf.
Chef Erin French cooks her short ribs with beets, then serves them with pureed parsnips, horseradish cream and pickled onions.
At NYC’s The Darby, Alexandra Guarnaschelli perused old supper-club menus and came away with the idea for this soufflé.
Beef tenderloin works equally well in this elegant recipe for bison steaks, and using store-bought demiglace makes it superfast.
Adding capers, dill pickle and toasted caraway seeds to store-bought mayonnaise creates a flavor-packed condiment in a flash.
To achieve juicy meat and a lacquered skin on a roast turkey, brine the bird overnight, then baste it with a sugar glaze.
Dan Barber’s brilliant recipe makes braised carrots the star and lamb the accompaniment.
This chicken, cooked in a garlic-infused sour cream sauce on a bed of sliced potatoes, is based on a traditional Russian dish.
The tender, succulent meat and intense, wineand herb-rich broth show just how good lamb necks are, especially when braised.
Try sandwiching any leftover meat and juices from this super-tender lamb with pickled vegetables and focaccia for lunch.
Lamb shoulder becomes incredibly tender and flavorful when slow-cooked with wine, stock, herbs and vegetables.
Slow-cooking these pork shoulder chops with wine, bacon and rosemary gives them incredible flavor and keeps them juicy.
Perfect with the creamy leeks and fennel, Michel Nischan’s braised sweet-and-savory pork simply melts in your mouth.
This pork loin from F&W’s Marcia Kiesel is studded with sweet, juicy onions and grapes.
These beefy short ribs braised in an intensely savory broth are a variation on the Korean soup known as kalbi tang.
Recipes 21 - 40 of 428
PREV Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... NEXT