Explore food pairings created to match the wines from our club offerings and Wine Shop. Each recipe pairing has been tested in the FOOD & WINE Test Kitchen.

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Perfect Pairing Rules

  1. Serve a dry rosé with hors d'oeuvres.
  2. Serve an unoaked white with anything you can squeeze a lemon or lime on.
  3. Try low-alcohol wines with spicy foods.
  4. Match rich red meats with tannic reds.
  5. With lighter meats, pair the wine with the sauce.
  6. Choose earthy wines with earthy foods.
  7. For desserts, go with a lighter wine.

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Noah Bernamoff, chef-owner of Brooklyn’s Mile End, serves this tasty mishmash only until noon. But it’s also delicious for dinner, he says.
Served on toasted baguette slices, this chunky, creamy salmon spread makes a fabulous hors d’oeuvre.
Marcia Kiesel tops rich, fatty grilled salmon with buttered andouille, a spicy, heavily smoked sausage that's used in jambalaya.
The magic of this dish is in the play of textures and flavors: Crispy salmon skin and shallots combine with tender fish and sweet melon.
Briefly soak the salmon in fresh orange juice for a deeply caramelized glaze so delicious you will never want to cook salmon any other way.
Chef Maria Hines sometimes adds a bright puree of heirloom red peppers to accompany this wild salmon dish, but here she goes without for simplicity.
New York chef Alfred Portale serves salmon with a peppery riff on beurre rouge (a French butter sauce made with red wine).
Beef stock and red wine make a luxurious sauce for this salmon recipe
Baking a good-quality leg of lamb in an herby salt crust makes for a tasty and tender home meal, without the need for garnishes.
Grilled wedges of purple-red radicchio offer a colorful (and delicious) contrast to the three kinds of sausages called for here.
Thomas McNaughton gives sausage-and-olive pizza a tangy twist by adding capers and Pecorino Sardo, a firm sheep’s milk cheese.
A split and toasted hero roll soaks up the juices of sautéed bell peppers, sweet onions and chicken sausages in this hearty, elemental sandwich, which can be prepared on a griddle or in a skillet.
The ultimate summer pizza topped with grated summer squash and piquant peperoncini. Oh yeah, and sausage.
Aguachile (chile water) is a zingy sauce made with fresh chiles, herbs and cucumbers that’s fantastic with marinated scallops.
This starter or light main course features seared sea scallops on a Sicilian-style salad with briny green olives and fried capers.
Quick-cooking scallops are excellent with sweet fennel and a buttery lemon-caper sauce.
In this decadent dish, scallops and bacon are paired with a white-wine-and-grapefruit sauce that's at once tangy and buttery.
Chef Grant Achatz tops seared scallops with a peanut butter panade, then drizzles on a curry vinaigrette for a final, fragrant touch.
Toasted, coarsely ground coriander and fennel seeds add crunch and pops of f lavor to grilled scallops in a summery tomato-basil dressing.
Puréed burrata, an extra-rich mozzarella, makes a luxe sauce for spiced bison.
Recipes 241 - 260 of 357
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